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Hello everyone!

Just to let you all know, I'm working on a fancomic for the fanfiction by Megam1nd, Just Another School Year.  This particular scene takes place in chapter 9 in the story.  If you haven't read the fanfiction yet, I suggest you do that first before viewing the comic as to avoid spoilers.

Please read the story HERE

I plan to make this comic approximately 4 pages long.  I have the first page complete and I'm almost finished with the second.  I will post links to them here as they are finished.


PAGE 2 (coming Soon)

Stay tuned!
Well since everyone has been posting links of story boards, I'd thought I'd go look for more.

Here's some that I found....  (If some of these were previously posted, all credits of finding these goes to them)

Newly Added 3/2/2013

Space Dad

Hot Flash and ??

Destruction Worker  (game concept art)

KMCP Van and Robots

Viz Dev 1 (Megamind short)

Viz Dev 2 (megamind universe)

Viz Dev 3  (comic book)

Viz Dev 4 (megamind universe)

Viz Dev 5 (megamind universe)

MasterMind Video Game Concept Art

Megamind Comic Concept Art

Mega Concept Art  (Some found in Art of Megamind, Others not)

Megmaind Storybook App download

Megamind Illustrations (bottom of page) must check

Megamind Illustration 2   (Amazing!!!! Must must must check!!)

Newly Added 2/24/13:

Metro City is Mine 2

Button of Doom Storyboards 3

Newly Added 2/20/13:

Megamind and Roxanne Concept Art

Megamind and Roxanne Concept Art 2

Roxanne Kidnapping Storyboard

Alternate Megamind Movie Storyboards (Must check)

Button of Doom Storyboards

Metro Man / Uber Man and Minion Concept Art

Human Minion and Metro City Concept Art

Metro Man and Metro City Concept Art

HTTYD and Megamind Storyboards

Megamind Concept Art Gallery

Megamind Official Article

Concept Art Collection  (big Collection, must check)

Master Mind Script Ending Storyboards (Includes alternate Metroman museum explosion, roxanne dates, and alternate ending, really cool)

Art of Megamind plus extras (6 pages worth)

Newly Added 9/20:

Megamind Storyboard Packs (must check out)  (6 packs altogether)

Newly Added 5/29:

Button of Doom Storyboard

Newly Added 3/14:

Metro Man Day Part 2 of 3

Metro Man Day Part 3 of 3

Doom Syndicate Part 1 of 3

Doom Syndicate Part 2 of 3

Doom Syndicate Part 3 of 3

Deleted Tooth Brushing Scene

Megamind Story Boards Added 2/9:

Metro Man Day Part  1 of 3   (Only Part 1 is up, I'm hoping the other parts will be posted later.)

Tighten Vs. Metro Man

Metrocity is Mine!


Extracting DNA

Master... er... Megamind!

Tighten Turned Evil

Other previously posted Storyboards  (check their posts for more info)

Coming to her Senses by Danxas

Fight with Minion   by innsmouth_eyes

Concept Art:

How it's Animated

Robots and Stuff

Lightning Keys

3D Designs

Frame Art

Visual Development

Concept Art

Awesome Art

Other fun links:

Fun Facts

Mastermind Script

Megamind Prequel Comic

Well that's all I've found so far.  If you have any more links PLEASE SHARE!!!!
Current Status:  Complete!!

Estimated Finish Date:  Before Halloween  (Sorry, been a bit busy)

Recently added pages:

Oct 30: pg 19 - 30 of 30
Oct 27: pg 16 - 18 of 30
Oct 26: pg 14 - 15 of 30
Oct 21: pg 11 - 13 of 30
Oct 15: pg  6 - 10  of 30
Oct 15: pg  1 - 5   of 30


Read Translation HereCollapse )

Monochrome Shounen Shoujo Translations

This will be the page where I will post my translations for MSS.

*EDIT*  I have dropped this translation project.  To inquire more about this series, please contact Shoujo Crusade HERE


Please support the manga by buying the books as they are released!!

There are also plenty of summaries up for MSS

Nanaga has ch. 2 - 40 summaries up HERE

LuffyNoTomo has ch. 41 - 53 plus Vol. 8 extra summaries up HERE

What I have so far:

Monokuro Shounen Shoujo Vol. 3 Ch. 15  <  Click Here
Hello all!

I have officially joined the Shoujo Crusade group in order to help speed up the releases for Monochrome Shounen Shoujo.  Being able to work with such an amazing scanslation group by helping to translate such an amazing series makes me very happy!  I've been told that chapters 9 - 14 have been completely translated, so I've been entrusted with chapter 15 and so on.  You'll possibly see a bulk release of chapter 9 - 14 soon, but I can't be certain.  

I really wish I could get started on it now but I have nothing to work off of.  I ordered vol. 1-10 of MSS a couple days ago so I have to either wait for them to come in the mail, or wait till I'm provided with scans of chapter 15.  Either way, I'll probably be able to get started on it sometime by the end of the week.  Until then, I'll just have to stick with staring at the Chinese scans in attempt to try and understand what they're saying.  I thank Nanaga and Luffy no Tomo for all their summaries!  They have been very useful and probably the very reason why I decided to try translating MSS.  I'll provide links to their sites later.

So overall, since I'm taking on a new translation project, I won't be working on Kaze Hikaru much anymore.  I'll probably go back to finish the last chapter I was working on, but probably no more than that.  Since Kaze Hikaru is a licensed series, I lost my motivation to translate.  Although it takes awhile for the releases, the English books do come out eventually.  If Viz ever drops Kaze Hikaru, then maybe I'll go back to continue translate it, but I make no promise.

All in all, I hope you are all excited for Monochrome Shounen Shoujo!

P.S.  Have you seen the latest chapter of Dengeki Daisy?  Yuukuzuri has Ch. 63 up HERE and it is AMAZING!!!!!  Go read it now!!

I thought I would try translating Dengeki Daisy, but looks like I'm really not needed.  The releases were slow earlier but they are catching up.  I think I'll try translating something else.  I have a few ideas of what I'd like to translate.

Here are some ideas:

Akagami no Shirayukihime:  This is my number 1 choice.  I absolutely LOVE this series.  I'm sad that omari-sister dropped it.  I heard some other group is suppose to pick it up but I haven't seen any release.  I wonder if it is alright to work on this?

Nousatsu Junkie:  (there is not much left of the series to translate, but it seems like it was dropped, I own the volumes in Japanese so it would be easy to put up a translation.  (though my books are in storage right now and I wouldn't be able to start until December)

Monokuro Shounen Shoujo (Monochrome Shounen Shoujo) -  The releases for this also appear to have been dropped, although there are plenty summaries of the chapters up.  Since it was from the same author of Nousatsu Junkie, I was very interested.   However, I don't have any access to Japanese Raws of it, so I don't have a way to translate it unless someone provides with me scans or I buy the volumes.  (I don't really have money to buy all the books though)

My Sweet Dragon:  I have always loved this series, so I was disappointed that it was dropped.  I'm not sure if there is any japanese scans online for me to work off of though.

W-Juliet II  - The prequel to this is one of my absolute favourites.  The sequel isn't anything special, but I maybe translating the rest of this would be a tribute to the prequel.  I own all the current volumes out so I'm set in that department (although they are in storage).

I wonder if there is any other good series out there in need of translation....   If you have suggestions, I'll take them.
Current Status:  9%  Done  (Dropped)

Estimated Finish Date: Never Release came out already, so I'm giving up on it.  

Recently Added Pages:

Sep 17th:  pg 3  of 34
Sep 13th:  pg 1 - 2 of 34


RAW Scans of Chapter 53 on Fujioshi's website  <  Click Here


I translate and add new pages here an there.  Since I'm busy, I have no set time in which I will work on it, but my goal is to atleast work on it a little bit each day.  I try my best to get it done as soon as possible.

Also, my translating skills are getting better but they are no where near perfect, so there may be mistakes.  If you notice something wrong with my translations, please point it out!

Thank you very much!  Enjoy~!

Translation under the cutCollapse )
I created my own new scanslation group called AFK Scans .  Under this group name, I will release scanslations of chapters of random  series that I decide to translate.

The first project I plan to release is Ten no Ryuu * Chi no Sakura Vol.3 ch. 15.  I translated this chapter almost exactly 2 years ago.  I was in the middle of working on making English Scans myself, when someone stole my translation and scans and made a release with them.  I SPECIFICALLY said  "Do not steal my translation to make English scans, I will do that myself".  But it seems that they just ignored that.  The person who did this calls themself "Meilin".  I was ticked when I saw the release but I never did anything about it because Meilin did give me credit, and I'm sure Meilin didn't really mean anything bad by it.  But now that I look back at the release, it is really bad quality.  Not only are the scans that I provided bad quality, but the typsetting for it is pretty bad with quite a few typos.  I'm going to see if I can try to re-scan it and make it a much better quality release.  

I'm not quite sure when I'll get it finished, but I plan to post the release on baka-updates.  

If anyone has anything they'd like me to translate, please suggest it.  I can only translate series that have the Japanese RAWs provided online.
The Chinese scans for Akagami no Shirayukihime is up,  HERE

English Translation HERE   (Click "show spoiler")

Remember to thank earthfairys for her translations!!
I just found out seconds ago that they are re-releasing Tokyo Crazy Paradise manga!!  Volume 1 and 2 will becoming out this September.  I'm not sure if they are bunko or not, but most likey, they are.
You can see it HERE
Sorry but there isn't any cover art for it yet.  I suspect they'll put the cover art for it up in a couple weeks.
If you don't know what Tokyo Crazy Paradise is,  it is another manga from the same author of Skip Beat.  So read it now!!  
I just had to share this with everyone.  I hope you're as excited as I am.  I've been trying to find the volumes everywhere, but they are just so expensive since they are out of print.  I only own, vol. 1-5 and 19.   Now with the re-release, I can own the whole series!! yeah!  BTW, Tokyo Crazy Paradise is my 2nd favorite manga, that's why I'm so happy.
So anyone have any thoughts on this?